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We at the Thomas family have deep roots in the Maine tradition of craftsmanship and innovation.  Dale Thomas began working with steel in 1959 and for almost five decades gained extensive experience in steel fabrication and design.

In 1982, Dale Thomas bought the steel fabrication business he worked for and formed Dale A. Thomas and Sons Inc.  The company spent the next 20+ years doing custom designed jobs of rugged steel farm equipment, as well as selling two different types of portable bandsaws.  His son Jon joined the company full time in 1997.

The company now produces a variety of bandsaws, which are reasonably priced, easy to operate, large capacity, portable and very durable and in 2005, we added to our line of sawmills with the Model 2409.  Besides the Thomas Bandsaw Mills, we also produce two models of the Thomas Edger.

We are very proud of our company’s tradition and we are equally proud of our products.

With good old fashion Yankee pride and ingenuity, we welcome you to review all our exceptional products and please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

 Proudly made in Maine.

 In memory of Dale A. Thomas Feb. 5, 1939 - April 4, 2013.