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Log Hauler




  • 4’x6’ Dump Body with headboard constructed of tubing covered with 16 gauge metal.
  • Recessed stake pockets.
  • Versatility to haul 4’ wood, sand, loam with trailer and tree length or saw logs with log arch.
  • 3200 #2 speed winch can be used to raise and lower the body and to haul your logs.
  • Durable walking beam axle allows for greater flexibility in rough terrain and a greater weight displacement over larger area.
  • Removing 4 (grade 8) bolts allows you to remove the body to transform it into a log arch.
  • Unique design on log arch allows for 3/8 choker chain to be used during hauling.


Key Benefits:
  • Fully assembled
  • Built to last
  • Affordable








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