Common Questions About Our Sawmills, Blades, and More


What type of wood can a Mill saw?

Any of the Thomas Sawmills will be able to saw hard or soft wood. A Thomas Mill will allow you to saw your Maple, Cherry, Birch or Oak with ease.


What type of warranty comes with a Thomas Mill?

Thomas Mills are built to last with quality and ease of maintenance in mind. They come with an industry leading 3-year warranty on parts and a 3-year Honda engine warranty from Honda.

What type of support do you provide?

Thomas Mills are fully serviceable at the job site. Our mills are designed to be easy to maintain and fix; however, if something is not working right we do make service calls. To ask a question or if you are having problems, please call (207) 722-3505, free support is available by phone during normal business hours.


If I don't live in Maine how can I get a Thomas Mill?

Our mills are able to be shipped around the world. We have a mill in England, Iceland, Australia, Africa, Canada, and Hawaii. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. If you need a recommendation of a freight carrier, we would be happy to provide you with more information. You can get a top quality Thomas Sawmill wherever you are. Please contact us with any questions at (207) 722-3505.

Do you deliver?

Currently, we do not offer delivery of our Thomas Mills. Under special circumstances, we may be able to make a delivery locally. In this case, our delivery fee is $2.50 per loaded mile and a 40 dollar freight charge. If we deliver the mill, we will help you set up the mill for the first time and even help you saw the first board. 


How many board feet does a blade last?

The rate at which you go through blades really depends on the type and quality of wood. A good rule of thumb is between 400-800 board feet.

Do you change blade types based on type of wood?

There are many types of blades that fit our machines, meaning you can experiment with different types of blades to find the right one for the type of wood you're sawing.

Do you lubricate the blade?

Yes, we recommend that you lubricate the blade because it decreases the blade temperature, which increases the blade life. All Thomas Mills come with a lubrication system.

Can blades be sharpened?

Blades can be sharpened several times depending on the amount of wear on the blade. We offer sharpening of sawmill blades at our Brooks facility.

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